Welcome to the number one running group in Doncaster

The Doncaster Pacers specialise in beginner runners and to ensure you get the best support possible we limit our beginners courses to 2 each year, this is so when the beginners graduate we then put all our resources into helping them develop further to join our intermediate groups.  All our beginners courses have 2 coached sessions each week. We are part of Doncaster Athletic Club.

For anyone who is already a runner (6 minute miles to 14 minute miles no problem), we offer various training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to cater for ALL abilities, just call down at 6:15pm or call Martin on 07916 659740.  Try us for free for a few sessions, no obligation.

We are often referred to as a drinking club with a running problem, lots of social events in town and further afield (Belfast parkrun this year, Benidorm in 2020).

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