• Running has been shown to be one of the best forms of exercise for managing weight
  • Running tends to result in improved body shape and size
  • Reduction in body fat and weight contribute enormously to prevention of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes
  • A recent report suggested that those taking up exercise over 50 years of age could gain an extra 2 years of life
  • Running uses about 100 kcals per mile or 500 kcals per hour
  • Running is a weight bearing activity that can assist with the strengthening of muscles and prevention of the reduction in bone density in some bones
  • Success in running gives increased confidence and self esteem especially when successful in completing a first event or achieving a personal goal
  • Running with a social group brings many new friends for life
  • Running can reduce isolation and reduce stress, tension and anxiety

*UKA published list

  • Mental health benefits too. As a club we are extremely good at supporting each other especially the social runs and events

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