Don’t go out and spend a lot of money!

You need and you probably already have some of it:

  • Running Shoes (a decent pair of trainers will do to start with)
  • Shorts for when its nice
  • Tracksuit bottoms when its cold or Lycra tights
  • T-Shirt or vest (best to get synthetic fiber – cotton gets soaked in  sweat)
  • Sports bra for the ladies
  • Long sleeve top for when its cold
  • Light weight jacket for rain protection
  • Water bottle (you can leave this in your car until we start running further)
  • If it is strong sunlight then lots of sun cream

You want to be as comfortable as possible.

Places like Aldi do good kit such as shorts, t-shirts, vests and light weight coats.  Don’t recommend their trainers.

If its above 10 degrees then you will likely want to remove layers after you have warmed up.

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