If you have ever done the parkrun or can already run a bit then we are the group for you!

Complete running beginners click here.

Just come down any Tuesday or Thursday for a run out at 6:30pm and try our intermediate groups or one of our more advanced groups.  We arrive from 6:00 to have a chat and do a warm up so we are ready for 6:30.  We have groups of various abilities from race pace of sub 7 minute miles to 14 minute mile runners so what ever your ability we have a group for you.  You can try us for free for a few sessions to see if we are the group for you.  Most groups do not use the track but we train around the lakeside area and we run out to Cantley/ Bessacarr / Intake / Town Moor / Potteric Carr / Wadworth etc…

Tuesdays we do interval training, these are shorter efforts at higher intensity with a recovery between efforts.  They are suitable for all abilities and not to be worried about. Sessions such as “Shop till you drop”, “Bermuda Triangle” or “Killer Hill” are available for you. Fartlek sessions are also available.

Thursdays we do a longer run, this will tend to be for about 1 hour in duration, sometimes a bit shorter or a bit longer.  Because the group is multi-ability the faster runners go further.  We will have several run leaders with the groups to look after all abilities. Runs finish at around 7:30.

The leaders will always try and be with the groups but sometimes we will be short (illness, other commitments, work, families) – if your group has no leader then one the other members of the group will have to stand in please.

All the groups will have faster and slower members so you will all have to get use to regrouping / looping back 3 or 4 times on the run – no one gets left behind.

You will be placed with groups based on your 5k times, we have given the groups names and hopefully you will, if you want to progress through the groups.

Group 1 (up to 7.5 miles) – Too stupid to stop – under 25 minute 5k (quicker than 8 minute miles).

Group 2 (up to 6.5 miles) – PB Hunters – 25 to 30 minute 5k (8:00 to 9:40 minute miles).

Group 3 (up to 5.5 miles) – The Inbetweeners – 30 to 35 minute 5k (9:40 to 11:15 minute miles)

Group 4 (up to 5 miles) – Racing Snakes – 35 to 39 minute 5k (11:15 to 12:30 minute miles)

Group 5 (up to 4.5 miles) – Pocket Rockets – 39 to 43 minute 5k (12:30 to 14 minute miles)

We actively encourage our runners to take part at the Doncaster parkrun each week (we are now lucky enough to have a second local parkrun at Cusworth), this is a free event every Saturday morning at Sandall Park .  It starts at 9am and it is 5km, 75% on grass.  Please register at this link and select Doncaster AC as your running club.

If you enjoy running with the group then you can obtain road runner membership for £55.

We are part of Doncaster Athletic Club and if appropriate we will feed athletes through the groups to the coaches so you get the best possible coaching.

We are based at the running track, at the Keepmoat Stadium.  We have full changing facilities, toilets, coffee, tuck shop and free parking.